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Medora Sees a BOLD Boost to Business

Summer. We’re told that we had one of those this year, and a pretty good one at that. But one entity that had a really good summer was the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, who have announced that at the completion of the 2013 season, the Medora Musical saw 92,000+ attendees, which translated to a 9%…

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Cyber is the New Black: Why Cyber Monday is Poised to Seize Black Friday’s Sales Crown

You may be reading this right now and thinking to yourself, “What? Cyber Monday? It’s only the beginning of October! Isn’t that like two months from now?” Well, yeah, maybe. But since Christmas sales now start roughly sometime around Labor Day, it’s probably not too early to start thinking and planning for this year’s Cyber…

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KK BOLD Unites With North Dakota United

Good things tend to happen when you take two existing things and put them together. Peanut butter and jelly. Steak and eggs. Bacon and anything else. So’s the case with North Dakota United, which is the combination of the North Dakota Education Association and the North Dakota Public Employees Association. The merger of these two…

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KK BOLD Heads to Chicago for “An Event Apart” Web Design Conference

Because we like sending our people to places, KK BOLD recently shipped Senior Web Developer Mathias Gieser and Web Developer Samantha Vondal to Chicago for the “An Event Apart” web design conference on August 26 to 28. “I’d say this is the best conference that a web designer/developer can go to,” Sam says. The conference…

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KK BOLD attends Casino Marketing Conference in Las Vegas

At KK BOLD, we put a lot of effort into keeping on top of casino marketing trends. As part of that effort, KK BOLD Account Services Director Stephanie Schoenrock and Business Development Director Lara Abramovitz recently attended a two-day conference in Las Vegas, held this summer, to learn new casino marketing trends with industry leaders.…

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