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They said, “Go to town.” So we did.

Town & Country Credit Union and KK BOLD are making an impact in the banking world. TCCU wanted potential customers to know that with TCCU you can get more stuff done, but they wanted to convey it in a fun way. Just because choosing a credit union is a serious decision doesn’t mean the advertising…

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I am just asking questions, is all

Here’s a couple questions for you. Do you use Twitter? Do you use Snapchat? Do you use Facebook? How about LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Pandora or Whatsapp? Do you pin, post, share, tweet, text, chat, listen or blog? Do you do several of these in a day? In an hour? How many apps do you have…

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The North Dakota Lottery turns 10

KK BOLD got the opportunity to do some fun stuff for the lottery recently when we worked on their rebrand. And really, what’s more fun than winning money, right? Ok, so we didn’t win any money, but it was still fun. They now have a shiny new campaign including point of sale pieces, online ads,…

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Minot Automotive Center rolls out new branding campaign in North Dakota

KK BOLD hops into the automotive world

Minot Automotive Center took KK BOLD for a test drive this winter, and they liked the way we handled the road. As Minot grows so do the businesses that keep it hopping along. That’s the case for the Minot Automotive Center who came to us for branding and identity expertise. After an initial on-site discovery…

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hiring web developer

Five Ways to Get Us to Hire You as a Web Developer (Or a Rodeo Clown)

Hi there. It’s good to meet you. You have a firm, powerful handshake. If you’re applying to be a Web Developer with KK BOLD, I’m the guy who is going to be reading your resume and summarily judging your qualifications. So I’ve got some tips for you. I know we just met and all, but…

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