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25 Years of BOLD: 25 KK BOLD Happenings in the Last 25 Years

As we continue our slow march to celebrating 25 years of existence at KK BOLD, today we look back fondly at the previous 25 years and the many strange events that have brought us to today’s date. A large many bizarre occurrences have taken place in the KK BOLD offices over the years; so many,…

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Celebrating 25 years of marketing and advertising expertise

KK BOLD Announces Its “Silver and Bold” 25th Anniversary Celebration

KK BOLD advertising agency announced its “Silver and Bold” 25th anniversary celebration. Special events recognizing clients and employees are planned for the agency’s Bismarck and Minot, N.D., offices. KK BOLD began as Kranzler Kingsley Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations in 1989 and was rebranded in 2010. The agency provides fully integrated marketing services and helps…

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KK BOLD 25 years marketing experience, advertising experience

25 Years of BOLD: 25 Things That Happened 25 Years Ago

Little known fact that will no longer be a little known fact once you complete reading this sentence: KK BOLD turns 25 this year. Since 25 is one of those numbers that people like to celebrate, they’re letting me write four (FOUR) blog posts on the subject. For our first entry, we are entering ye…

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Marketing on the road with vehicle wraps

Now That Is A Wrap

Cars and advertising. They go together like peanut butter and more peanut butter. Nowadays, you’re seeing wrap advertising on buses, race cars, subways, trains, and even on people’s own personal cars. KK BOLD has been doing wrap advertisements for our clients for years. Presently, we’ve seen a number of wrap projects pop up within the…

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Top Four Questions You Should Ask About Your Website

Google Analytics is a great way to measure the ROI for your website as well as on other marketing initiatives you have. In order to see how successful those initiatives have become, there are four statistics you should be tracking every month. 1. Who is visiting and when are they visiting? Where are they from?…

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