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Explore and Adore the New Medora Campaign

The marketing campaign for Medora is one that KK BOLD has wanted to take a crack at for a very long time. With their recent selection of KK BOLD as their marketing agency of record, we’ve had our chance to put in place all of the ideas we’ve had for years, and the seeds that…

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Spring Cleaning For Your Media Mix

Just like our office and computer desktop, our marketing plan can get cluttered too. Clean it up! KK BOLD’s media department may shock a few marketers by telling them what they don’t need in their media mix. You may not need television, and we’ll tell you so. If direct mail is your best bet, we’ll…

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Using Facebook Offers to Drive Sales

Facebook is set to roll out a few changes to our News Feeds soon, which is sure to bring about necessary adjustments in your social media strategy. But before we get to those, let’s look at a the tools you might not be using, like events, check-in deals and offers. If your social media strategy…

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Rules of the Public Relations Road

Thanks to the never-ending, always-evolving information revolution, our collective attention spans can now be counted in nanoseconds while our collective “bovine excrement” detectors are highly sensitive. The Internet has leveled the playing field, leaving us in a world Darwin could appreciate, where only the strong survive. No longer dependent on what news editors deem “newsworthy,”…

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Helping clients thrive is why public relations is a profession to love

Back in October, I was invited to speak at the annual conference of the augustly-named Northern Interscholastic Press Association, which is popularly known by its less-than-august acronym, NIPA. The 92 year-old association is comprised of high school teachers, guidance counselors and students from across North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Manitoba. It was originally founded…

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