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Do you know what’s in your media mix? And is everything in it good for you?

The answer may surprise you, but it’ll save you money in the long run. KK BOLD’s media department may shock a few casino marketers by telling them what they don’t need in their media mix. You may not need television, and we’ll tell you so. If direct mail is your best bet, we’ll have the…

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Let KK BOLD take your database far beyond first base

We can spot the difference between a real player and a wannabe. Since a casino’s database can be sliced, diced, shuffled, intertwined, rearranged and  bollixed any number of ways, it makes sense to partner with someone who knows their way around such volatile stuff. That partner should be KK BOLD. We’ve done so much direct-mail…

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“What are you guys trying to do, win an award???”

Or, creative marketing that makes the cash register ring. You market two things when you market a casino. First, you market the facility itself. The rooms, the dining, the experience. That sort of thing. And then there’s the marketing of the promotions. The incentives and rewards that nudge your audience into action. Why a two-pronged…

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Casino promotions and casino branding are not sisters

If you don’t know what your casino means to you, how can you expect anyone else to find meaning in it? Casino marketers who believe branding consists of promotion after promotion aren’t going to last very long. Why? Because such branding isn’t strategic. And if you don’t know what your casino means to you, how…

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KK BOLD enters 18th year of marketing for distinguished Indian gaming clients

The one thing better than knowledge is experience. And KK BOLD is a full-service agency with extensive history in the relatively new world of Indian casino marketing. Casino marketing is a fairly young field, and by young, we mean barely out of diapers. KK BOLD has itself been marketing casinos since 1993, when the company…

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