Cat Videos and Productivity: Not Necessarily Bitter Enemies

“Congratulations, [insert name here]. That’s some of your BEST work yet! By any chance, were you inspired by the cat videos you’ve been watching at work?” said no boss ever.

But, the truth is, research has proven the benefits of an occasional escape into the antics of our furry friends while in a mid-day slump. Check out this headline: Watching cat videos at work makes you happier, more productive, study finds. 

And this: Forget coffee, CAT VIDEOS are the best way to give your body a boost: Chemists reveal how to stay alert without caffeine. The article credits the American Chemical Society with this scientific explanation: Watching cat videos increases the brain level of oxytocin – the cuddle hormone – and decreases the level of cortisol – the stress hormone – making it easier to concentrate.

Or, as Cookie Monster would put it: Me feel good. Me do good work.

If you have engaged in this heretofore guilty pleasure, take comfort in knowing you are not alone. According to a 2014 article, 2 million cat videos had been posted to YouTube and viewed 25 billion times. By now, as determined by a very non-scientific methodology, those numbers would be in the gazillions.

But how many cat videos have been viewed at work? Also according to non-scientific calculations – a whole lot! I’m just guessing here, but, based on what I’ve read, productivity has to have improved exponentially since Grumpy Cat and an assortment of unnamed felines have crept into the American workplace.

To reinforce this important finding, here’s a few of this writer’s favs, obtained solely in the name of blog post research with said research conducted after work on a home computer. (I’ll swear to that, Boss.)

Note: Video titles have been changed as a shameless attempt to convince the aforementioned boss of the validity of this argument.


I Enjoy Learning on the Job:


As a Matter of Fact, I Do Have Good Speaking Skills:


Yes, We Communicate Well as a Team:


I’m Calm Now and Ready to Get Back to Work:


Debra Anderson is the PR director at KK BOLD. We could have helped her with this blog by telling her of the existence of the secret, all-cat-video version of YouTube, but we are mostly dog lovers.

Posted on May 24, 2016 in KK BOLD

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