Why We Do This

Our venture into gaming was a calculated one. From the beginning, we understood that gaming facilities could greatly benefit from the implementation of a strategically sound, creatively aggressive marketing program that concentrated on two primary areas: player retention and new player development.

Our initial objectives are brand analysis and brand development. With our clients, we examine, through market research and historical data, where they currently stand in the market place versus where they could realistically be. Then we begin a positioning - or, if needed, repositioning - process, to help properties efficiently maximize strengths. That part of the strategy includes a heavy emphasis on guest communication programs.

Gaming properties that are marketing at highly effective levels today are utilizing a full arsenal of advertising and media opportunities. Their plans are solid, their message is consistent and the strength of their brand is continuously leveraged. Campaigns run along very vertical lines and speak clearly and concisely to the exact segment of the market they are intended to reach. Smart programs are designed to be seamlessly integrated and can easily function within mass, direct, internal or online marketing efforts.

Redwind Casino
North Dakota Lottery
Prairie Knights Casino and Resort
Grand River Casino and Resort