Cash Dash Shows Splash of Panache for the North Dakota State Lottery

When you play the lottery, you like to win. (Just look at those lucky dogs who took home the big cash when the Powerball jackpot topped $587 million. I’d like that win. You know what I’d do with that kind of money? Probably not be writing this story right now. That’s what.) And the best kind of win is often an instant one. That way, you can hoot and holler and high five the unsuspecting person waiting in line behind you, and then, afterwards, deal with all the awkwardness that ensues in shared silence. Don’t high five strangers. They don’t care for it.

So when it was time to bring back one of the North Dakota Lottery’s most popular promotions — the Cash Dash, where players have a chance to instantly win prizes as large as $500 — we knew the campaign’s creative message had to drive home the instantaneousness of the potential win. Players had to know they could literally run right into some serious cash! (Pun. You’ll get it later. Maybe. Probably not.)

Through a series of point-of-sale pieces that integrated with a full TV, radio, online and social media ad campaign, we delivered an “instant win” message to viewers in a way that brought the best part of the Cash Dash promotion — “You could instantly win cash, bro! Can we call you bro? Ha! Too late!” — to the forefront, while also leveraging the brand recognition of the longest-running promo of the North Dakota Lottery.

We then paired the strong creative message with a media plan that allowed the Cash Dash to dominate its vertical within each media channel and also create a sense of urgency among lottery players during the promotion’s “final dashing week!” The result was all that pandemonium you saw on the news broadcasts. Did you see those? They were pretty crazy, we thought. We may be confusing it with Black Friday. It is difficult for us to remember.

End result? Lots of Cash Dash tickets sold. Lots of money being won. Including $12 won by us in our agency lottery pool. Which wasn’t enough money to get me out of writing this story, but still, like the Cash Dash, it was a whole lot of fun playing.

Posted on December 6, 2012 in Casino, KK BOLD, KK BOLD BLOG

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