BOLD new additions to the KK BOLD staff

Every now and again, the KK BOLD staff needs some BOLD new additions to help keep everything running BOLDly. Which is why we’re pleased to announce two BOLD new additions to our BOLD staff, and we promise to stop using the word BOLD so much immediately following this BOLD sentence. Deal?

Jessica Simpson (no, not THAT Jessica Simpson, thank God) is our newest addition to the web development team. Jessica grew up in Sherwood and graduated from the University of Mary in 2006. She has worked in the IT field for the last six years. Jessica currently resides in Driscoll with Jody, her husband of 5 years, and their two children, Ashlyn (3) and Jayden (2). Her hobbies include camping, hunting, fishing, riding motorcycles with Jody, spending time with family, photography and playing darts, listed in no particular order so as to not hurt the feelings of any of her hobbies.

Matthew Kurtz comes to KK BOLD fresh off of earning a television broadcasting degree from NDSU. While he is slightly disappointed to have lost geographic proximity to his beloved Bison sports teams, Matthew is thrilled to return to his hometown and work with KK BOLD’s AV department. He is working to expand his editing and technical video skills to fit with our fresh and unique style of work. Matthew was given no choice but to accept the title of the agency’s youngest team member, which we expect will be very difficult for him, but he says he is committed to producing high-caliber work well beyond his years. Which is good, considering how terrible young people generally are.

Those are our newest additions to the KK BOLD team. The world lies before them, and we anticipate great things from them in the future. BOLD things, you might even say. Wait, sorry, we said we were going to stop doing that earlier. Our apologies.

Posted on January 17, 2012 in News

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