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It’s like they always say: Once you go BOLD, you never really leave the fold. (Okay, nobody has ever actually said this, but still, it rhymes.) First, earlier this year, Darla Miller returned to KK BOLD after a short absence. And now another former staffer has returned after an even longer time away. We’re very happy to welcome Tracy Meschke back to our team.

Tracy Meschke has returned as a media buyer and is happy to be back at KK BOLD in the media department. Tracy says “It feels like coming home after moving away for a while.” Tracy has been working in advertising for 13 years. She is originally from a ranch in Solen, but has lived in Bismarck for the past 22 years. She lives with her husband, Ryan, and their three children, Judson (8), and boy/girl twins Jayger and Piper (5). She loves to shop, walk, bike and spend time with her family.

A workplace like KK BOLD can be very difficult to get away from (partly due to our superior tracking skills), so we’re always pleased to see familiar faces come back where they belong. Welcome back, Tracy, and please, never leave again. We get so lonely, is all.

Posted on February 21, 2012 in News

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