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New HD camera takes commercials to a new level

Christmas came early last November for KK BOLD audio-visual director Mark Gray. That’s when the agency bought its own brand-new high-definition camera. And, unlike most kids who quickly get bored with their new toys, Mark is anything but bored with the new camera. In fact, he hasn’t stopped using it since he got it. The…

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New websites highlight KK BOLD’s versatility in web design and development

New White Earth Nation Website: A Marriage of Design and Functionality The White Earth Nation in northwestern Minnesota turned to KK BOLD to design an informative, all-encompassing website that combines information on tribal government, community services, historic and cultural information. The Ojibwe Tribe’s desire for the site to serve as an easy-to-use portal guided KK…

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“What are you guys trying to do, win an award???”

Or, creative marketing that makes the cash register ring. You market two things when you market a casino. First, you market the facility itself. The rooms, the dining, the experience. That sort of thing. And then there’s the marketing of the promotions. The incentives and rewards that nudge your audience into action. Why a two-pronged…

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Casino promotions and casino branding are not sisters

If you don’t know what your casino means to you, how can you expect anyone else to find meaning in it? Casino marketers who believe branding consists of promotion after promotion aren’t going to last very long. Why? Because such branding isn’t strategic. And if you don’t know what your casino means to you, how…

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KK BOLD enters 18th year of marketing for distinguished Indian gaming clients

The one thing better than knowledge is experience. And KK BOLD is a full-service agency with extensive history in the relatively new world of Indian casino marketing. Casino marketing is a fairly young field, and by young, we mean barely out of diapers. KK BOLD has itself been marketing casinos since 1993, when the company…

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