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Social Media Can Be Quite Revolting

During the last few months, national sites have been ripe with discussion about the primary role social media played in the Tunisian and Egyptian regime changes. While people started these revolutions, it was social media that dramatically helped speed the process along. Facebook and Twitter helped protestors to organize at warp speed. These social media vehicles also circumvented state-controlled media outlets to distribute details of revolution efforts and events to a waiting world.

Top Rules to Follow When Telling Your Story

Thanks to the never-ending, always-evolving information revolution, our collective attention spans can now be counted in nanoseconds while our collective “bovine excrement” detectors are highly sensitive. The Internet has leveled the playing field, leaving us in a world Darwin could appreciate, where only the strong survive.

No longer dependent on what news editors deem “newsworthy,” we can reach our audiences directly. And they can reach us. The filters are now gone and we are solely responsible for telling our story. The question “Should we respond?” is now seldom asked, having been replaced by “How do we respond?”

How to Win Facebook

I’m what is commonly referred to as a “social media guru.” What that means is that I update the KK BOLD Facebook page on a sorta-daily basis and that I gave myself a semi-fancy title, which I’m still trying to get them to print on my business cards, if they ever give me any. But despite my self-anointed title and theoretical business cards, I do happen to know what I’m talking about. And what I’m talking about today is how to succeed with your Facebook page.

How Interesting

There are a lot of advertising messages out there fighting for your attention. Some experts say hundreds a day. Others say thousands. There’s one expert in Buffalo who claims 394,514,217.3 advertisements vie for your personal attention every day, but he also wears a tin foil hat and eats whole sticks of butter at snack time.

Wurdz that Aren’t Words

Lunesta. Retsyn. Flouristat. Excedrin. Accenture. Our industry creates so many phony words and so thoroughly corrupts the very concept of language, that we now make cruel fun of anyone who uses English properly.

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