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Infect someone today

Passion. Even the word kind of gets you all fired up, don’t you think? No matter what it is you are advertising — you, your product, your company, your services — most likely you are passionate about it. Or you should be. And of course that’s what you are hoping other people will also feel. So…

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The Hardest Jobs to Fill

With this week’s passing of Steve Jobs, a lot of people on the Internet are devoting time to remembering the life of the Apple co-founder. And with good reason, as the man has been compared to a modern-day Thomas Edison or Henry Ford due to his unparalleled success in making Apple the world’s largest corporation.…

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Darla Miller rejoins KK BOLD as business development director

A familiar face is back at KK BOLD. Darla Miller has returned to KK BOLD to head up our business development operations. Darla, who is originally from Sawyer, ND, first joined KK BOLD as an account executive in 1999. During her 11 years with our agency, Darla established herself as one of our most effective,…

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If you’re going to be social, at least have a plan

Social media is here in a huge way and has made significant inroads into our work and personal lives. The key to a successful social media program is to make sure you are managing it rather than the other way around. Nearly every day, I take a quick spin through Facebook and Twitter, read a…

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Facebook continues to fail

There is all kinds of uproar today about the new layout on Facebook. Maybe Facebook felt bad for Netflix and decided to take some heat off of them today. It couldn’t have been anything like Facebook rushing new functionality to the door on the same day that Google+ went live worldwide, could it? Regardless of…

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