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Simple Marketing Resolutions

I’m not big into New Year’s resolutions, but I do think the New Year is a good time to step back and take a good look at the big picture. When it comes to marketing, most companies address their marketing plan on an annual basis. Sometimes it’s just adjusting the budget and other times it…

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KK BOLD produces PSA for USDA Rural Development

KK BOLD proudly produced a new public service announcement for the North Dakota State Office of USDA Rural Development. Now running statewide, the PSA features state director Jasper Schneider as he touches on the important work USDA Rural Development is doing in growing North Dakota’s economy and strengthening rural communities. The multi-location shoot took place…

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Norsk Høstfest benefits from targeted online marketing

To say that this has been a trying year for residents in Minot would be an understatement. The June flood destroyed homes and business, disrupted lives and the life of the ‘Magic City.’ Two of Minot’s signature events, the North Dakota State Fair and Norsk Høstfest, were impacted. The Fair, which was to be held…

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Infect someone today

Passion. Even the word kind of gets you all fired up, don’t you think? No matter what it is you are advertising — you, your product, your company, your services — most likely you are passionate about it. Or you should be. And of course that’s what you are hoping other people will also feel. So…

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The Hardest Jobs to Fill

With this week’s passing of Steve Jobs, a lot of people on the Internet are devoting time to remembering the life of the Apple co-founder. And with good reason, as the man has been compared to a modern-day Thomas Edison or Henry Ford due to his unparalleled success in making Apple the world’s largest corporation.…

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