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Now Boarding: Social Marketing

Social media has been compared to a lot of things. Black holes. Herds of cats. Never-ending oceans. For the sake of 2011, let’s imagine social media and all of its components are an ocean. There’s sharks, hidden islands and even hidden treasures! Would you need a life vest? Floaties? A navigator? A whole new boat?…

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Is 2012 the Year of Social Marketing?

As recently as 2008, social marketing might have been a part of your marketing efforts, but if it was included, it was experimental at most. In 2008, social media was the latest buzzword in marketing. It was brand new in terms of effective channels and it was scary. Marketers were leery of its longevity and…

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We’re Expanding! Social Media Director Added

KK BOLD is known for doing things first. So…bold, you say. We’re also known for adding the resources that our clients need to successfully meet their business goals and offering only the best. This week we’re welcoming Stephanie Sandstrom to our team. Already, Stephanie has designed social strategies for two hungry clients and kept a…

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Bold wins gold.

The North Dakota State Fair and KK BOLD brought home ten Awards of Excellence from the International Association of Fairs and Expositions conference that was recently held in Las Vegas. The 2011 advertising campaign that won the awards was built around NDSF’s new tag line, Great. Big. Fun. The print look is dominated by the…

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What’s the Word?

It’s here, the last month of the year. Like it or not, we have no choice but to enjoy a few extra bites of holiday delights. (Poor us, right?) The office parties, family gatherings, cards and letters have reached our to-do lists and what a wonderful time of the year it is. Other lists are being…

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