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Three ways to benefit from a social marketing strategy – Part Three

Creating and implementing a social media strategy is one key for online marketing success. Its cohort and perhaps more important contributor is content. It makes sense then that one of the benefits of a complete strategy is content planning. Creating content, sharing it and tracking its effectiveness is challenging, yet fundamental to the social strategy.…

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KK BOLD Lunch & Learn Program Both Informative and Nourishing

There are two very important ingredients to a successful Lunch & Learn. The first one is the lunch, which is simple, because sandwiches never fail to generate smiles and suppress appetites. The second one is more tricky – the learning part. Which is why at some Lunch & Learns, the lunch may be memorable but…

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Three Businesses That Seem Like They Don’t Need to Advertise Much (But Still Do)

Ok, so it’s weird to see something coming from an agency like ours that presents a case against advertising. But let’s be honest. There are some organizations that really, really don’t need to advertise nearly as much as they do. Sure, you need to keep brand awareness, keep yourself in the public eye, but the organizations on our…

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Three ways to benefit from a social marketing strategy – Part Two

Does social media marketing lend itself towards reaching a current or prospective customer? Before you go much farther, review your strategy. Does it evaluate the results of each tactic and give a clear view of progress? Take a look at part two in the Benefits of a Social Strategy series. Brands, businesses and associations are…

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New website and partnership with Great Plains Indian Gaming Association

KK BOLD and the Great Plains Indian Gaming Association (GPIGA) are proud to announce a new marketing partnership, which includes the launch of a newly designed website at Visitors to the new GPIGA website will discover a newly redesigned format, with bright colors and easier navigation. Information about the association and forms for upcoming…

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