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Liechty Homes Right at Home with KK BOLD

We recently completed a marketing campaign for a newer client at KK BOLD – Liechty Homes. Liechty is in the business of manufacturing homes for their clients. KK BOLD is in the business of manufacturing advertising for our clients. So right away, we were like two peas in a pod. Liechty Homes was initially looking…

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KK BOLD Rocks at Promoting Concert Events

Music. It’s what motivates us. What also motivates us is multiplying ticket sales for concert events. And coffee. Those three things. KK BOLD has extensive experience in casino promotions and concerts. In the past, KK BOLD has helped sell out arenas of anywhere from 1,500 to 15,000 people, featuring high-profile artists that include Taylor Swift,…

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Before We Step Up!, Looking Back at Triple H

KK BOLD has launched a new Step Up! community service contest. But, before we get all excited about working with a new client, we want to talk just one more time about how rewarding it was to work with Triple H Miniature Horse Rescue, Mandan, ND, winner of the most recent Step Up! contest. After…

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Agency Spotlight: KK BOLD Web Services Division

We’re pleased to be profiling this month in our Agency Spotlight the hard working web denizens of the KK BOLD Web Services Division. When it comes to spinning masterful webs, only spiders can claim superiority. And they cheat because they have eight legs. Launched back in 1999, an entire millennium ago, our Web Services Division…

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4Ø Years On: Norsk Høstfest Goes On Sale

It’s almost Norsk Høstfest time. This year is Høstfest’s 40th-anniversary celebration, and there’s more reason than ever to attend what is destined to be a historic Høstfest. It was our privilege at KK BOLD to help Høstfest promote their ticket on-sale date of May 17. Since May 17 is also Norway’s Constitution Day, we conveniently…

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