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Wherein we release Elise upon an unsuspecting world

The slow, steady drumbeat of the passage of time continues on unending, as does the introduction of new employees here at KK BOLD. Both of them have a pretty good rhythm to them, and are easy to dance to. So there’s that. Next up on the docket is our new digital media specialist Elise Janine…

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Greentube, Foxwoods Interactive Have Big Banner Year at NIGA Convention

Teddy Roosevelt once famously stated, “Speak softly and carry a big banner.” Or it was something along those lines. The important thing to take away from this is that big banners are extremely impressive. And we had a real doozy very recently with a project we completed for Greentube and Foxwoods Interactive for their presence…

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Secret Weapon to Deadpool Movie’s Marketing Success: ME, WONDERFUL ME

Quick survey. Raise your hand if you had no idea what a “Deadpool” was before the movie that came out on February 12. Now raise your other hand if you still have no idea what I’m talking about. And now put your hands down. I cannot see you. The point I am attempting to make…

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Taylor “Swift” Addition to KK BOLD. Yes, We Like Taylor Swift. So What?

Taylor Kurtz (i.e. not Swift) is a new addition to the staff at KK BOLD. Taylor is our new Graphic Designer/ Assistant Production Manager, which is why she has two computers on her desk. If we think of any other jobs for her to do, we will see if we can fit a third computer…

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KK BOLD Makes Websites for NDUS, NDOSTC, NDU, NDSF, Other Abbreviations with ND

Most people do very specific things in the month of January, such as celebrate the New Year with revelry and acknowledge Idaho Human Rights Day if you happen to live in Idaho. We live in North Dakota, though, so KK BOLD spent January launching four websites for clients with North Dakota in their names. These…

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