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Kelly Loos Now on the Loose at KK BOLD

KK BOLD wishes to inform that another account executive has been loosed upon the Minot area. Specifically, Kelly Loos has been loosed, because Loos and loose are words that sort of sound similar. Or at least similar enough to justify this headline and opening paragraph. Kelly joined our KK BOLD Minot staff back in April.…

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An Ad Idea’s Epic Journey From Beginning to End

Few people who work outside of marketing know the process by which an ad is created, either because they legitimately have no idea or They never really thought about it before. Today, we’d like to clue you in to the inner workings of an ad’s creation, in this case, how an Idea (which we will…

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Grand Hotel, Very Grand Website Indeed

The Grand Hotel in Minot is a locally owned and operated establishment that certainly lives up to its name: It is most assuredly a hotel. It is also, as it turns out, a very grand place to stay. Which is why it needed a website to match that level of grandness, or grandiosity, if that…

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Nikki Comes Back, Kayce Goes North

The KK BOLD staff is a lot like a deck of cards, in that most of us wear large numbers on our person and the rest wear crowns and carry scepters all the time. But another way is that the deck gets reshuffled, so to speak, from time to time. Such is the case as…

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Marketing in a Digital World: How to Reach your Audience and Stay on Budget

The term digital marketing is nothing new to anyone in the year 2016, save for the few recently unthawed cavemen. With this month’s release of the IPhone 7 and new social platforms emerging seemingly every other week, there are more ways to reach your audience than ever before. Like all early innovators, we want the…

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