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TV Goes Smoke-Free at Nisqually Red Wind Casino

Smoke-free’s the way to be, we can agree. Sorry about all the rhyming there, but the general gist is that smoke-free gaming is a big plus for casinos these days, and when you have the largest smoke-free gaming area in your entire region, you want to advertise it. That exact scenario is the case for…

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Is Marketing Automation Worth Your Investment?

In the world of marketing, we sometimes find ourselves using certain marketing terminology in a context that makes sense only to us. This can be evident in daily interaction between media buyers, account executives and clients. The other day, I asked a co-worker what they thought marketing automation was. The response, although pretty much correct,…

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KK BOLD to Create Brain Injury Awareness and Education Campaign

KK BOLD has been selected to lead a brain injury awareness and education campaign in collaboration with the Behavioral Health Division of the North Dakota Department of Human Services and North Dakota Brain Injury Network. “Our team is proud to be working on this important initiative with the potential for far-reaching impacts,” said LaRoy Kingsley,…

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Bounce Over to HighAir Ground’s New Website

KK BOLD is jumping for joy (metaphorically, of course, we are professionals) over the recent launch of the HighAir Ground website. With the grand opening of HighAir Ground, Minot’s first trampoline park only days away, there is a lot for you to be excited about as well. Especially if you like jumping on things. Which…

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Reputation Management: The First Line of Defense when Your World Spins out of Control

The 2016 elections are n-e-a-r-l-y over. Let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief. Whether your candidate – or candidates – win or lose, we all have one thing in common: This election shook us to the core and made us think about things we typically take for granted, like basic honesty and ethics. Most…

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