Are You Boring?

Are You Boring?
Don’t Be.

Ask any random person you run into at a casino what reason they had for coming out that day and you’ll get any number of answers, but the two answers you’ll get most often are to have a good time and to win some money. There’s a perfectly good reason for that: That’s what casinos are for. A weekend trip to the casino is designed to help you put your worries behind you and have some fun in an exciting environment with a chance to walk out a little richer than when you came in. So why do so many casino marketing programs gloss over that broad appeal of a trip to the casino in favor of pushing the same tired and overused giveaway-of-the-month promotions instead?

Month after month, casinos trot out the same bland promotions to draw customers in. Truck giveaways. Boat giveaways. Cash giveaways. Truck, boat and cash giveaways. Giveaways are favored by casino marketers because they’re easy to advertise, and they promise the allure of winning BIG. Everybody dreams of driving home from the casino in a brand new car. It’s a great lure. But ask yourself this: How many of your customers on any given weekend came to your casino specifically because of the promotion you’re having? Do you think it’s a majority? Probably not. Most likely, your big splashy promotion was something they participated in because they were already there. It may be the cherry on top of the sundae, but it’s not the sundae itself.

As a customer, which of the following sound the most appealing to you – a jackpot on a slot machine, a great run on the blackjack table, receiving exceptional customer service, having a good, affordable meal with friends, sleeping overnight in a clean and comfortable room, or having a possible chance of winning a big prize? The casinos people come back to are the ones that can offer those first five options every single time they visit. Can you remember any one time you ever chose to stay in a glamorous Vegas hotel because of the prize drawing you could register for at the lobby? Why should a visit to the casino be any different?

Yes, timely, exciting, well-executed promotions can be very effective for generating traffic, boosting buzz and increasing revenue. Nobody can dispute that. But the key is in keeping your promotions fresh and relevant in the minds of your consumers. It’s very easy to fall into a routine with your promotions. Don’t. Don’t repeat the same giveaways month after month, year after year. And always remember that if this month’s promotion isn’t exciting enough to move your customers to action, it’s the unique appeal that your casino provides that none of your other competitors can offer that’ll bring ’em out anyway.

We believe at KK BOLD that fortune really does favor those who think boldly. And part of bold thinking is keeping your ideas fresh. If your competitors are too reliant on the repetitive marketing of their promotion of the month, then take advantage of their laziness and offer your customers something they won’t – Something they’ve never seen before on top of an exciting night at the casino, every time they come, guaranteed. If your marketing is boring, then so is your casino, and nobody goes to a casino to be bored. Don’t be afraid to let your marketing come at your customers in directions that others don’t. We can help you rethink your approach with your marketing plan. If you’d like to discuss ideas like this one, call LaRoy Kingsley or Stephanie Shoenrock at 888.255.9950.

Posted on May 16, 2011 in Casino

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