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After 20 years of successful casino marketing, KK BOLD
still has plenty of strategic tricks up its sleeve.

3 Martini Lunch

When two marketing powerhouses get together, there is no limit.
Meet our Las Vegas affiliate who raises the ante in our casino marketing world.

Las Vegas

Johnson & Misavage Newest Members of KK BOLD >

New Employees at KK BOLDJohnson and Misavage. It sounds like it’d be a great name for a law firm, with two hotshot lawyers taking on the system and each other. But it’s not, because it’s really the names of the two newest additions to the KK BOLD staff, Nolan Johnson and Brad Misavage. Until we can convince them to […]

Steph’s Tenth: Stephanie Schoenrock completes 10 years at KK BOLD >

Steph10We’ve added another member to the KK BOLD Ten Year Club (Yes, that’s a thing. We have a clubhouse and member decoder rings and everything.) with our Vice President Stephanie Schoenrock having crossed over the decade threshold. She now joins Ted Hanson in having a decade named after her, which in this particular case will […]

Are blogs worth it? >

Are Blogs Worth it for 2015?Social media is weird. Parents and grandparents are flocking to Facebook just as their children and grandchildren are fleeing it. For some strange reason, Twitter is trying to be more and more like Facebook. Google+ inexplicably still hasn’t been deactivated like the rest of Google’s social experiments. Tumblr is awash in a Yahoo wave of awkward […]

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